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Landlords Gas Safety Certificates

The information below was provided by the HSE (Health & Safety Executive)

In relation to domestic gas under the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998 (GS(IU)R 98), a landlord is anyone who rents out a property that they own under a lease that is shorter than 7 years or under a licence. Regardless of whether you are a landlord under GS(IU)R 98 you may be considered a landlord under other related legislation.

Landlords' duties apply to a wide range of accommodation, occupied under a lease or licence, which includes, but not exclusively:

Any gas appliance that you own and provide for the tenant's use is included in your legal duties. If a tenant has their own gas appliance that you have not provided, then you have responsibilities for parts of the associated installation and pipework but not for the actual appliance.

Gas Safety Inspections and Landlord Gas Safety Certificates

In 1998 the government passed a law that requires all landlords, who rent either part or all of a property, to have all household gas appliances and pipework checked every 12 months by a registered gas safe operative and issued with a Landlord gas safety certificate.

What does a Landlord Gas Safety Inspection include?

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